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Frank A. Altobelli
Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Altobelli family started a scholarship fund in memory of Frank. He wanted to go to school and never got that chance. This fund, we hope, will grow and help students continue their education.

Scholarships given:
1998 $200.002001 $300.002004 $---.--2007 $---.--
1999 $200.002002 $---.--2005 $---.--2008 $---.--
2000 $200.002003 $---.--2006 $---.--2009 $---.--

Part of the Town of Billerica Scholarship Fdn.
For information on donating to the Frank Altobelli Memorial Scholarship Fund, please e-mail: or visit: Cyber Stores, A web site dedicated to earn commissions for the Frank Altobelli Memorial Scholarship Fund.

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