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More about Frank

Frank's Picture       In march of 1996 Frank was three when he was diagnosed with cancer (Wilms tumor). Months before his diagnoses Frank had many symptoms related to this type of cancer. Sadly his pediatricians wrote them off as some type of virus; like fools we his parents believed the Doctors. If his disease was caught in time he may still be alive today. He always wanted to be five years old, he died a month shy of his fifth birthday.

Now he is an angel in Heaven, watching over us.

      Frank's eyes were hazel with long lashes and dark brows above. He had sandy colored hair and a smile that brought out the best in people.
      He was brave, courageous and strong; he was more of a man than I could ever be, more of a man than any man I’ve ever met. He took what life gave him and made the best of it. Frank wanted nothing more than to please other people especially his mom and dad. He loved to help people.
      Frank was cheery even through the rough times of chemo and surgery. He smiled a lot and seemed to make the best of everything. Like all children his age he loved a good laugh. He found humor in everything.
      Some of Frank’s favorite things:
     Barney! The dinosaur his mother bought for him when he was two weeks old. Barney went with him everywhere, even to surgery and cat scans. Barney could always be found tucked under his arm. And then there were all his Beanie Babies.
      Frank’s favorite colors are red and black. His favorite animal is a lion (with a mane) and if it had a mane he called it “a lion with big hair”.
      Frank’s favorite sports to play and watch were baseball and hockey. He loved the Bruins and loved going to their games.
      His favorite things to do were to play sword fight (knights or Star wars), riding his big foot truck, dressing like a cowboy, pretending to be a policeman. Pretending to cook was an all time favorite too. He loved playing with Batman action figures, knight action figures, cowboys and toy animals. Match box cars (fire engines and police esp.) He absolutely loved to play games (board games and computer) even if you made one up like coin toss. He liked to listen to music. He loved to play in the tub with his animals and put on animal shows. He liked to shave with his dad (he had toy shaver) He liked to build snowmen and then knock them down.
      Frank loved to paint his own pictures and draw with markers. He liked to use a pen or marker and could spell and write his name. Going to pre-school and playing with other kids was a time he looked forward to. He wanted so much to graduate, which he did, because he couldn’t wait to go to kindergarten and first grade.
      He liked making puzzles and absolutely loved to have stories read to him. His most favorite books were: Green eggs and ham, The ginger bread boy, Stella Lunar and Go Away Big Green Monster.
      His favorite TV shows/movies: All the Batman movies and cartoons (The day before Frank died Make A Wish Foundation had a Warner Brothers representative fly out from CA with a rough cut VHS tape of the new Batman and Robin movie. Although we couldn’t communicate with Frank (because of all the pain medicine) we new he could hear it and possibly see it, because his heart rate and respiratory rate increased and stayed that way until the movie was over. Ironically the movies logo colors were the same as Frank’s favorite colors. And the day he died, Chris O’Donnell who played Robin, called him on the phone. Again we know Frank heard his encouraging words.)
      Back to Frank’s favorite shows/movies: The lion King, Toy Story, Free Willy, Homeward Bound, Space Jam, James and the Giant Peach, Starwars.

     Frank has two younger sisters whom he loved dearly. He thought it was the greatest thing when they were born. He was a great, big brother. He loved to play with them and make them laugh. He was protective of them and always made sure they didn't get hurt or into trouble.
     Frank touched the hearts of many, we miss him very much. He is an Angel now in Heaven, I pray to him every day. These words to describe him are just the tip of an iceberg--it’s the least I can do.

See you in Heaven
Love Dad

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